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IMG has 4 Theme Zones namely, the Marvel, Lost Valley, Cartoon Network and IMG Boulevard & Novo Cinemas.

Experience the MARVEL world at IMG Worlds of Adventure in Dubai, which is the World's Largest Indoor Theme Park! Enjoy the thrilling rides and attractions with superheroes including Spider-Man, The Hulk, Iron Man, Thor and The Avengers that are all gearing up in the MARVEL zone!

Do not miss the hair-raising dinosaur rides and attraction at LOST VALLEY - DINOSAUR ADVENTURE ZONE. The rides will surely satisfy your adventurous spirit! And get a chance to see up close of some of the amazing yet terrifying creatures that exist million years ago!

Find the exciting and fun adventures at CARTOON NETWORK zone, for those who are cartoon lovers, this is a perfect zone for you! Enjoy the rides and attractions with your favorite cartoons like The Amazing World of Gumball, Adventure Time, The Powerpuff Girls, Ben 10 and LazyTown!

If you want leisure and thrilling experience, IMG Boulevard is the best zone for you! It is the welcome zone of the park with interactive attractions, vast retail outlets and a wide selection of dining options!

If you want to try something creepy, visit the Haunted Hotel! But before you enter, be aware that leaving is not easy. You will encounter all sorts of scary characters and changing scenery. You have to hold your nerve as you try to find the exit! But note that this Haunted Hotel is only open to guests aged 15 and older.

IMG also has cinema located at the Novo Cinemas zone, it hosts the largest IMAX® with Laser screen experience in Dubai! Not only that, you can relax and dine inside the park too, as well as shopping! Plan out your visit now and get your discounted IMG World ticket.